Global NPN: Why I Left

An honest Global NPN review from someone no longer involved with them

global npn

As those of you who have been following me for a little while might know, I have been involved with a network marketing/MLM company for some time. That company is Global NPN. I have since parted ways with them and here is why:

For a long time Global NPN was almost the perfect MLM opportunity. To me the perfect opportunity (as I’ve said many times before) is one that people will happily spend their money to get access to the products and training, regardless of compensation plans and difficulty sponsoring people. This is the perfect solution to increasing your retention rate: If people want the product they will be far less likely to drop out. If people get involved for the income opportunity they are far more likely to drop out when they struggle to reach the desired income figure.

Global NPN had it all – training, autoresponders, capture page creators, lead generation systems, ad tracking and the list goes on. It was easily worth the price of admission. The compensation plan was pretty good too.

But then the changes came – first a price increase and then a complete change in the compensation structure, and more disturbingly, how it was presented. You can read more about that type of structure in a previous post I made here.

So for me, I am no longer involved with this company and I no longer recommend them to anyone. They are not scammers or rip off artists by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly can’t promote them anymore with a clear conscience.

UPDATE: I have now found something I believe to be better than Global NPN. It is a completely done for you sales funnel which you can read about in this post

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22 Responses to “Global NPN: Why I Left”

  1. Tim Brownlaw says:

    Hi Scoty,
    I found your post rather interesting as I had the same concerns as yourself…

    So you inspired me to have a really hard look at this and yes I am in GlobalNPN.

    And like yourself, I’m extremely fussy about what I will and won’t promote.

    So I wrote an article on what I hope answers the points you raised…


    I’d love to hear your comments on this

    • Scotty says:

      Hi Tim,

      I definitely agree with you regarding the value of what NPN provides for your money. That was one of the key reasons I was with them for so long.

      I just don’t agree with the 100% commissions part, how it is presented and how it is run. It is a more attractive proposition on the surface, however it’s a little too close to bait and switch for my liking. Saying it is just business is something I have to disagree with you on. While some people choose to operate their business this way, it is not something I can do with a clear conscience. If someone is going to dangle the carrot of 100% commissions, then there should be 100% commissions to back it up, not 60% disguised as 100%.

      One other thing worth mentioning is that you are virtually forced to take the 100% commission payout structure if you are on the higher levels. Both Jeremy and myself were at director level, however when he chose not to take the 100% commission option, he got paid $5 for having me as a director below him, rather than the previous $25.

  2. Tish says:

    Hi interested in knowing more about this as I have been approached about it.


    • Scotty says:

      Hi Tish,

      Let me know what you would like to know more about and I’ll be happy to help. You can either put it in the comments section here or email me privately if you prefer.

  3. Craig Caron says:

    Hey Scotty

    I have been with NPN for for 6 years now. The last 3 years I have been taking NPN more serious.

    But I am kinda confused on your statement saying that NPN says 100% commission but your only getting 60%

    That is totally untrue.

    If I bring in a Gold I am making 100 bucks which is what I pay to be a Gold.

    Yes there is an Admin fee but C’mon the owner has to make money as well to cover his fees and to be able to give us 100%.

    I think this model is the future of MLM in the future.

    When NPN went to 100% it damn near doubled my income and 20 dollars extra a month is no big deal when your income doubles.

    If you remember right before the 100% structure we were only making 25 dollars on each director. $65 on ever Silver.

    But everyone has there ins and outs.

    Just sounded like you were a bit more confused on the way the structure works.

    So in a nutshell your paying a little extra a month to put more money in your pocket.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Good Luck in the future

    • Scotty says:

      Hey Craig,

      Long time no speak!

      Hope you’re keeping well.

      What I am looking at is this:

      Using your example of the gold membership, it costs $120.97. The sponsor (assuming they are gold as well) receives $100. That is 82%, not 100%

      Director level – costs $55.97. The sponsor (assuming they are director or higher) receives $40. That is 71%, not 100%

      Pro level – costs $25.97. The sponsor receives $15. That is 57%, not 100%

      Obviously the pro level numbers are what I used to highlight my main point.

      I have nothing against the commission structure in itself, it is the way it is presented that concerns me. It is clearly not 100% commission and I don’t agree with it being presented that way.

      No confusion at all, I’m just looking at it for what it is.

  4. Craig Caron says:

    Hey Scott

    I see what your saying but if you have lets say 10 people under you plus your downline commission your actually getting more than 100%

    So like last month I added up everything and with my downline commissions and bonuses I actually made 140% commissions

    You would be right at 82% if we were paying 20 dollars off each person we bring in but were only paying it once a month.

    Your basing the 100% commission off of bringing 1 person in.

    So in reality your making 80% off your first person and 100% off everyone else.

    So seems like your basing the 100% off bringing just 1 person in and your not taking into consideration your downline commission or matching bonus

    I don’t know any other company out there thats even paying out like this so 20 bucks extra a month really isn’t a factor when you consider your getting 100%,Downline commission and matching bonus.

    So In reality it looks like this

    15 golds will make you 1500 a month. With your membership fee of 120 bucks your left with 1380.

    honestly I would rather earn this way paying the extra 20 bucks a month rather than getting paid half this

    15 Golds before the 100%

    I would only of made

    $825 with my membership I would take home $725

    So pretty much double right

    But like I said your basing this 82% off of bringing one person in.

    That one person covers your 20 bucks

    • Scotty says:

      I made it clear in the article that I wasn’t factoring in downline commissions and matching bonuses.
      If you look at the compensation plan, this is not considered part of their “100% commissions” part anyway.
      You are getting your calculations mixed up a little. The 100% commission part has nothing to do with how much you pay for your own membership. You don’t earn a commission from your own membership fee. You get 82% (assuming gold level) of each person you refer. They pay $120 per month (approx.) and you as their sponsor get $100. Refer another person and you will make the same $100 from their payment of $120. Refer another 50 people and you will make the same from each. You are not making 80% off your first person and 100% off everyone else. The maths don’t lie and this is clearly not 100% commissions.

  5. Hello Tim and Craig,

    How have you guys been? Long time no talk. You’ve all made some nice arguments but I don’t believe Scott is saying NPN has become a bad program at all. I think he is just trying to draw attention to the fact that Geoff is misleading people with the idea of 100% commissions.

    In plain English, we are paying more than before with that admin fee to earn the higher commissions. You can make that fee invisible all you want – it still does not make the commissions 100%! A blind baboon scratching his genitals in Africa could tell the difference.

    Geoff may be “looking out” for the big guy that recruits a lot of people, but I think we all know that most people can’t or won’t recruit. This change raises the price for the little guy and the real “value” is always “coming soon.” This whole thing is just a misdirection and trying to draw attention from the real issues at hand. I think we can ALL agree that you have to pay more per month now to receive these so-called higher commissions. You may earn more in the long run if you are a big recruiter, but most will LOSE more.

    I used to be gung ho about NPN, but ever since that guide to help my referrals was shot down without any consideration and the new change in commission structure (which is an outright lie), I have since parted ways myself.

    Obviously, for those that use these tools to help promote their business, they are still getting a good value. But as a recruiter and leader, I cannot condone what Geoff has done with his “subtle” lies. Maybe you can look the other way and ignore this travesty, but it just seems wrong to say, “we are making more money so its a great idea!” It’s all just a proverbial slap in the face to all good reason.

  6. Craig Caron says:

    I understand what you mean. I really do. Im just not sure if your seeing the big picture here.

    But if you feel the direction is wrong then I guess its a matter of opinion.

    This is the future of MLM. Every company is going this way these days. Empower, pure leverage, seeto, Cannoki, etc etc.

    I do agree with one thing. None of these companies talk about the admin fee up front but I have not seen anyone have an issue with it since they are given the admin fee before they even pay.

    Honestly I don’t know why most people find it hard to recruit people. I have people that easily follow the steps to recruiting.

    I think alot of it really has to do with whether they find value in the product and committed to understanding and implementing the methods to recruit people.

    I had a girl come in with no experience at all and brought in 10 people in 7 days just from 1 simple method I teach on fb. Sad part is not everyone wants to do it because there looking for the easy way out

    But since NPN went to 100% its been a ton easier for anyone to recruit. NPN has been bringing in triple the people that they used to and I am also seeing a much higher retention even on other teams.

    And I think that goes for most companies that are doing the 100% commissions except for the places doing the pass ups but thats a whole different story.

    I guess I am just not getting where your coming from on how were not getting the 100% commission.

    Admin fee is just a small price to pay to earn the 100%

    Which I am still confused why you are stating its not 100%.

    I think Geoff is a pretty honest dude and I dont think he is blindly trying to fool people. He is just taking his company towards the trends and making it better.

    Plus its well worth it with all the new tools and features he is providing.

    Just because you feel you can’t recruit doesn’t mean others can’t.

    Its all a learning process and if you don’t stick to your guns and learn new things then failure persists.

    Jeremy since I have known you, you have always been into the one trick pony type programs so it’s pretty shocking to me that you would talk about the compensation like you did with NPN and Geoff.

    And there is no money in the long run with NPN. Its money right there and then.

    Not sure how NPN changing is better for the big guy. Im by far a big guy. Chauntel, Ray, Khana, Edward. None of them are big. Matter of fact they barely have experience but they just simply follow a formula that we teach and there easily bringing in 10-20 new people a month.

    And as far as me shooting your guide down. I heard from several people you were talking crap about me and how I tore you apart.

    I never did any such thing. I never said anything bad. I just told you what needed to be changed. That was all.

    I can’t help you were so sensitive.

    All I did was offered my help.

    Anyway. Wish you guys the best in becoming successful in whatever your goals are.

    Hope there is no hard feelings.

    Just remember. I was the one who reached out and helped the best I can. Never charged a dime for coaching so if anything I hope you at least learned something from me.

  7. Craig Caron says:

    One more thing to add.

    You said this

    Obviously, for those that use these tools to help promote their business, they are still getting a good value. But as a recruiter and leader, I cannot condone what Geoff has done with his “subtle” lies. Maybe you can look the other way and ignore this travesty, but it just seems wrong to say, “we are making more money so its a great idea!” It’s all just a proverbial slap in the face to all good reason.

    The point being is your income is double what you would be normally making.

    I mean what did he lie about.

    He just said you will be making 100% commission which not sure how your not. Why because your paying 15 dollars more for director a month and making 40 bucks a month rather than the 25 we used to make

    I don’t know where the lie comes in at. What lie. The fact that he doesn’t put that there is an admin fee when you sign up.

    Well if people dont like it just like empower, pure leverage or any other company they just don’t sign up and pay.

    But you will bash NPN when you know Geoff has always looked out for our best interest and even made a basic membership without the affiliate.

    But yet I have seen you join all these other companies with not a word of bashing which we know those companies were scams.

    Then you join up partners with this Paul guy who is definitely a scammer and user but yet you have the nerve to make me out to be the bad guy here.

    Pretty ungreatful in my opinion. The other thing is instead of responding to me you decide to talk down my throat about me rather than being a man and saying sorry craig but this isn’t for me.

    Anyway that’s how I feel and if you do feel like I was wrong you know I am only a phone call away. But for you to ignore me, that kind of showed me what kind of person you were. Just keeping it real Jeremy

    • Scotty says:

      I’ll leave you and Jeremy to sort out your own issues with each other.

      But on the 100% commissions, you are clearly wrong.

      You said “He just said you will be making 100% commission which not sure how your(sic) not. Why because your(sic) paying 15 dollars more for director a month and making 40 bucks a month rather than the 25 we used to make”.

      Do the maths – you acknowledge you are paying $15 dollars more for director (which makes it a cost of $55) and making $40 per month. $40 commission on a $55 membership is not 100% whichever way you try to spin it.

      I’m not arguing the value of NPN or whether it is a better plan now than it used to be – the point of my whole article is that it is not 100% commissions and I believe it is misleading to suggest it is. Which is my reason for leaving.

  8. Craig Caron says:

    Now I will move on and depart from this convo before it gets taken overboard and out of hand. I said my piece.

  9. Brian Davis says:

    I came across this “Why I quit” GlobalNPN thread, and I must say there are some great points. The issues I had with NPN, was nothing seemed to get updated. The free report still reads $10.75, numerous splash pages still say $14.75, the power of one video still refers to the original $5.00 compensation plan.

    For now I’ll keep an eye on NPN, and if Geoff ever gets it half way squared away, I’ll be back.

    • Scotty says:

      Hi Brian,

      Firstly welcome to my site!

      The emphasis seemed to be on bumping up the price first and getting everything fixed later. Like you said, reports were not updated, pages were not updated and it always seemed that those fantastic features that justified the price increases were always “coming soon”. He definitely needs to spend more time improving his once awesome program rather than trying to milk it for all it is worth in my opinion

  10. Scotty,

    I agree with the raising the price and getting things fixed later problem. Geoff likes to call himself a perfectionist. I do not know him personally but I do not see where he can call himself that. It seems he is one that likes to toot his own horn.

    I am very seriously involved with NPN. If I made a decision based on the owner I would be gone a long time ago.

    Anyway I am sure if Geoff would put more of his efforts into the products and not the money things would go a whole lot better for everyone. The biggest reason I see such a turn over is most promote the money and if they make none they drop.

    About commissions paid. I feel it is up to the sponsor to present any product in a way they feel comfortable with. If a person can sleep presenting it as a get rich then do it, if you feel the focus is on the product, then do it.

    It is funny to me that NOBODY is talking about the fact that commissions are also paid out for the affiliate fee. I have seen nothing about if the $47,508.00 is still possible from the affiliate fee. Why because your down line needs 2 before you can qualify. This kills the salesman. :-)

    I personally stay mostly for the tools that are available for the best price. The tools make my other businesses possible. The biggest problem I see that needs to be improved is the server speed.

    Just my thoughts,
    Nick Anderson

    • Scotty says:

      Hi Nick,

      I agree about tooting his own horn. When he decided he wanted to do a speaking gig at a marketing event, he emailed the NPN member base a few times to drum up enough votes. He got the votes but it seemed it really went to his head. Then after the speaking gig, we never heard the end of it and all of a sudden he was calling himself an in demand speaker! Things definitely went a lot better when his focus was on improving the NPN business rather than feeding his ego or his hip pocket.

      Very true about people promoting the income opportunity not sticking around. This is nothing to do with the business or the comp plan, it’s just the wrong approach to take. This is why I was with NPN in the first place, as they had the product to back it up and justify the cost. Get people in and get them using the product and the retention rate will always be higher.

      Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your NPN business. For the most part it is still one of the better ones going around.

  11. Brian Davis says:

    I almost hate to even write this. In the past I have felt that Geoff tried to run an honest and ethical business. But with the changes to the new system, it made me rethink that.

    Geoff is an exceptional programmer, so when he makes any change to the Global NPN system, it’s not by accident and he is fully aware of ALL outcomes as a result of those changes.

    For example, Geoff encourages new members to promote the main sales funnel and in doing that he will follow up with their prospects.

    ***Now follow me closely, because this is where the trickery part comes in. Now Geoff will follow up on your behalf with pre-written email messages, that are embedded with your Globalnpn affiliate link, ahh but wait. When your prospect who is getting these follow up messages on your behalf, clears their history or cookies, ALL of the links in those pre-written messages automatically default to Geoff.

    Pretty smart move, Geoff gets both the commissions and the admin fee paid directly to him, but hey he is the owner.

    As I said before he knows what he is doing, so that was done on purpose.

    Here is another trickery thing, the sales funnel videos are embedded with a clickable NPN icon in the upper right corner that if someone who landed on YOUR npn sales funnel clicks on, they will be taken away from your page, to Geoff’s. Don’t believe me, here is my inactive NPN sales funnel link, click on the icon in the upper right hand corner and see where it takes you.

    When Geoff first re-launched NPN with the 100% compensation plan changes, he offered anybody 6 months free if they bought a ticket to the No Excuses Summit through Geoff’s link. Now that was a pretty cool offer, but it went out to EVERY SINGLE LEAD AND PROSPECT. Meaning, that if any of your NPN prospects took Geoff up on that offer, you would not get a single cent for your efforts.

    I suppose you could find fault in any business or system out there, but man I sure do remember the old NPN, and it didn’t have all the trickery things I mentioned above.

    • Scotty says:

      Hey Brian,

      Wow that is seriously disturbing if that is the case.

      I just clicked on the link and although it initially says Brian Davis, when I go to the order form it says the sponsor is Kirsten Marie???

      I always tell people they must keep their leads in their own autoresponder, not the autoresponder provided by the business they are promoting. I say that because if you ever leave that business, then you lose your entire subscriber list too. What you’ve said here just adds another reason why leads should be kept separate – you never know what is being emailed to your leads if you are not controlling the process yourself.

      Yeah I loved the old NPN too. Where it was a hard working programmer (Geoff) doing everything he could to improve the business for its members.

  12. Brian says:

    Not sound like a hypocrite, but I have started using the GlobalNPN products again. I don’t think Geoff will ever make the much needed updates to the existing system, but I still believe globalNPN offers a great suite of tools.

    I agree with Nick above, promote and use the products and the money will come.

    • Scotty says:

      Not hypocritical Brian, I think you are just trying to look at things in a balanced way rather than all the one sided crap we see online today. I don’t disagree with you, it still is good value for what it provides. There are a few similar programs coming through so maybe they will eventually offer a viable alternative. Good luck with Global NPN, I hope you do well with it. I personally have no intention of going back to them, which from a money perspective is going to cost me because I get a bit of traffic from search engines for global NPN related terms, but I’ve lost faith in the program and how it is run so can’t in good conscience go back to it.

  13. Brian Davis says:

    I’m still promoting NPN, but very passively. At this point the only thing I use it for is the instant blog. The blog ranks pretty fast and of course any content on it as well.

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